Zurück 12.03.2016



Avenir Sports Entertainment would like to congratulate the Kloten Flyers players and coaching staff for a very commendable season. ASE is very proud of the team and feels we have greatly improved our on-ice performance over last year. Thank you to our coaches Sean Simpson and Colin Muller and to the entire team and staff.

ASE is also very proud of the contribution it has made to the improvement of the organization overall. ASE feels our expertise has helped start the process of rebuilding the franchise on many levels. ASE also feels that we have learned a great deal in this last season about the challenges of operating an NLA franchise in the Kloten market.

One of the key lessons ASE has learned is that, in ASE’s professional opinion, the only opportunity for the Flyers to be successful in Kloten is if it has Kloten based ownership. In turn, that Kloten based ownership group must be heavily supported by the Kloten community. Together, these entities have the potential to create the support required to sustain a NLA franchise in the Kloten market. It has become clear that having outside ownership, such as ASE, is not the proper structure for success in Kloten.

With this in mind, ASE has begun the search for the proper Kloten based owner. It is ASE’s top priority to give the Kloten community the opportunity to take control of their team and make it a success. To that end, ASE will be actively pursuing this course of action.

No additional comments will be made at this time, however, updates will be provided as events progress.